Free. xyz extension for .com domain registration
04.04.2023 11:10 2595 Views

Free. xyz extension for .com domain registration

1. This campaign aims to enable our partners to increase their base by providing free domains to their customers.

2. The free .xyz campaign is valid for all our domain reseller groups. New registration and Transfer prices of domains vary between Reseller $9.99 - Premium $9.79 - Platinum $9.49, depending on the reseller type for the .com domain.

3. The domain with the .xyz extension to be registered with the .com extension must be the same and registered within the same day. (eg. -

4. Between the 1st and 3rd of each month, .xyz domains registered with .com in the previous month should be reported to the Domain Name API by filling in the excel file in the com-xyz-campaign link and adding it to the attachment of the ticket to be created via

5. Please specify the ticket subject as .com/.xyz.

6. Attach the Excel file to the ticket attachment as follows.

7. After the notification to be made, registered . xyz domain number will be calculated and the total amount will be refunded to your Domain Name API deposit account. (For example, a Reseller type dealer who registered 10 .xyz with .com will be refunded to 10*$1.99 = $19.9 deposit.) Refunds are made until the 15th day of each month.

8. The .xyz registrations made are only valid for 1 year new registrations.

9. This campaign will start on 03.04.2023 at 11:00am Turkish time and end on 31.12.2023 at 11:00 pm Turkish time